The Work From Home Series: Productivity Tips

Over the past few weeks, I’ve found working from home to be difficult. I get distracted so easily! I do love to multi-task, but when I’m supposed to be working, trying to cook or do a load of laundry can be problematic. I have to get things done for work, so I knew I had to start making some changes to my routine.

I’ve figured out a few tips to help get me through the work day!

1. Create a to-do list– I like to physically write down what I need to get done for the day in my planner and check off each task as the day goes on. I try to create a realistic list to avoid feeling disappointed if I don’t accomplish every task.

2. Have a routine/ make a schedule– I’ve found that waking up around the same time and blocking off hours of my day to do certain tasks has been helpful to getting more accomplished. If I create a schedule, I’m more likely to attempt to stick to it. For example, I schedule when to take breaks from work, when I want to do laundry, and what time I want to work out.

3. Have something to look forward to- A reward to look forward to after accomplishing a particularly daunting task helps keep me motivated. For example, after I finish a task for work, I might make myself a smoothie or watch a YouTube video.

4. Don’t work from your bed– Trust me, I’ve tried doing this multiple times and I’m always tempted to take a nap or start watching Netflix.

5. Eliminate distractions- Like I said, I get distracted VERY easily. I find that turning off notifications on my phone (or even putting it in another room) and working without many objects near me is crucial to getting more accomplished. It is very possible for me to start going through my phone and look up and an hour has passed.

 I hope you all are doing well and staying safe. If you have any productivity tips please share!

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