Are Lululemon leggings worth it?

I’m a huge fan of leggings… I mean who isn’t?! I wear leggings to workout as well as to chill at home. For years, I’ve heard a huge hype around Lululemon leggings but I had never felt the need to make the splurge. In the past few months, I decided to buy two pairs of Luluemon’s most popular leggings and put them to the test. For reference, I am 5’3 and ordered a size 2 in the Align and size 4 in the In Movement. 

The Align Pant (25 length) $98: Chances are you have seen fitness influencer’s on Instagram wearing these. They are super high-waisted and made from Lululemon’s Nulu fabric which is super soft and has a “naked sensation”.


  • Super high waisted (covers past the belly button)
  • Soft and stretchy-easy to move around in
  • Squat proof
  • Stay put- I don’t have to constantly pull these up


  • Piling (more likely to happen if you are using these for super intense workouts
  • Show everything (camel toe can occur and can possibly show cellulite)

Worth it?!: I hate to say this… but I think YES! They are so soft and comfy and SO flattering. I have a hard time finding leggings that stay up and I didn’t have to pull these up once. I haven’t found another pair of leggings that feel this soft. I do think these work best for yoga or light weight training because of the piling issue.

The In Movement 7/8 Tight $98: These leggings are made from Lulu’s Everlux fabric that is supposed to be breathable and sweat wicking. They are marketed towards intense sweaty workouts and feature multiple seams on the legs and waist area. 


  • High Rise
  • Sweat-wicking fabric
  • Compression
  • Plenty of room to move around in, but manage to stay up
  • Squat proof


  • Front seam
  • Slightly loose around the ankles (might just be my legs)

Worth It?!: Overall, I really like these leggings! The multiple seams that run through the legs and thighs of these leggings are so flattering. I also like that the fabric of these leggings is more durable so they can be worn for running or more intense/sweaty workouts. The front seam on these leggings can be slightly unflattering and I do prefer the thicker waist band that the Align pant has. So are they worth it? In my opinion, yes. However, I do think that other athletic brands make leggings that look and feel similar to these. I just personally haven’t tried any.

I hope this review was helpful to anyone looking to purchase either of these leggings. If I had to purchase only one pair, I would go with the align pant. The high waist and buttery soft fabric is so unique and flattering. I haven’t seen any other leggings quite like them! If you do have an dupes for Lululemon leggings please let me know!

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5 thoughts on “Are Lululemon leggings worth it?

  1. Love the leggings on you! I own a pair of lulu lemon leggings and I love them, but they were a gift. I felt like I could never justify the price and had recently started buying workout leggings from Old Navy. I love those and find them to be a great fit, but I may have to go into a lulu lemon and check these out! Thanks for the review!

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