The Work From Home Series: Creating a Workspace

We are all in the same boat here. Most of us are scrambling to make adjustments due to the quarantine. I, along with many others, are suddenly working from home. I work in a job where I work with students in a school setting and am in constant contact with the community my agency serves. I’ve never worked from home… and my job is definitely not a work from home job… but we have to make it work.I decided my first step in making an effective adjustment was to create a work space. I don’t have a desk… and have a hard time concentrating in bed or at the kitchen table, so I made my own makeshift desk out of my nightstand.I grabbed a spare chair from my garage to use as a desk chair. I cleared everything from the top of my nightstand to have as much space as possible. I decided to keep my bluetooth speaker on top (for listening to podcasts), my work phone, work laptop, planner and a couple of pens. A makeshift desk isn’t ideal… but having a designated work space has helped me get things done and avoid the temptation of grabbing a snack from the kitchen or lying down in bed.

This is the first post in a series about how I’m working from home. I plan on doing a post on my work from home outfits and a post on productivity!

Thanks for reading! Stay safe

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