Cleaning out my swimsuit drawer….

I’m definitely starting to go a bit stir crazy being stuck at home… and it’s only been a week. Yikes! I have decided to tackle cleaning out my dresser draws and closet. With most of us stuck at home, I think a lot of us are doing the same thing. I thought I would show my process for organizing/ deciding what to give away.

Step 1: Dump out the entire contents of your drawer.

I literally take out everything inside the drawer and put it in a pile.Step 2: Create three piles: Keep, Maybe, and Donate.

I go through the pile of clothes and sort through the things I definitely want to keep and the things I think need to be donated (items in good condition) or trashed (items with holes or extreme wear). I then put anything that I’m unsure of or haven’t worn in over a year (but for some reason am still attached to) into a maybe pile.

Step 3: Fold the keep pile and figure out how to make the most space in your drawer.

I find that rolling my clothes and using drawer organizers can make the most out of a small space. My swimsuit drawer is pretty small, so I placed my swimsuit cover ups at the bottom of the drawer (folded flat) and created two rows (one row for swim tops, the other for bottoms) on top of the cover ups. I’m hoping to order a divider for this drawer in the future.

Step 4: Place your maybe pile in small bag and place it in your closet or spare drawer.

I usually keep my “maybe” pile for 4-6 months. If in that time I don’t look for any of the items, I donate or give the items away.

In case anyone is in need of a new swimsuit (not that anyone is going anywhere anytime soon lol). I’ve rounded up three of my favorites. The cheetah print and red bikini are from Hollister. Hollister is kind of a throw back to my teenage days… but they have good prices on swimwear and the quality is surprisingly good! The high neck swimsuit is from PacSun.

I hope these tips could be helpful to anyone tackling a closet organization project! If any one has any other tips please let me know. Stay safe all!

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