Favorite Looks of 2018

I realize that 2018 is long gone, and that I am extremely late in writing this post. However, I was going through my old blog posts and came across my post on my favorite looks of 2017. In reading that post, I was able to reflect back on what was going on in my life at that time and think about the goals I set for myself in 2018 (as well as see how my style has changed!). Although I didn’t accomplish all of those goals, I do think I took some major steps toward reaching them. In 2018, I traded in my old car and bought something newer and more reliable (my first major purchase!), started practicing yoga, went on a few job interviews in hopes of making a career change, and finally made my health and self-care a priority. Although looking back I did have some accomplishments, 2018 was a tough year for me. I struggled with some health issues and felt extremely down on myself for most of the year. Toward the end of 2018, I realized I needed to get help and that I couldn’t continue feeling sorry for myself. I am happy to say that my 2019 has been off to a wonderful start and I am feeling much better. I’m excited to see what the rest of the year holds! I am so grateful for all of my friends and family that were so supportive during those rough times. I will end this post with one of the same goals I set for myself last year: Be happy!

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