January Favorites 2018

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. January flew by! Am I the only one that feels like time goes by so much faster as you get older? I definitely feel like the holidays come around faster and faster each year. That being said, January seemed to end before it even began. January was a hard month for me. Unfortunately, my grandma passed away at the beginning of the month. She died peacefully, and lived a wonderful 95 years! However, I will miss her dearly and it will take some time to accept that she is no longer with us. I have been taking a break from blogging and social media while going through this difficult time. However, I fully intend to get back to a regular posting schedule going forward. I didn’t discover too many new products this month, but I did rediscover some old beauty favorites  and tried a new fashion trend that I ended up loving!


Kylie Cosmetics Candy K Lip Kit– The nude pink color is ideal for every day.  This liquid lipstick really stays put! I find that it stays on even after eating. I also like applying the lip liner alone and adding a sheer balm on top for a more natural look. Full review on this product here

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Milani EasyBrow Tinted Fiber Gel– Most days I don’t have time to fill in my brows before work, so I love finding one step brow gels that make my brows appear neater. I find that I can apply this product to bare brows and it gives my brows a slight tint and lightly fills in bare spots.

1 ¼ inch Curling Wand– I found this curling wand at Marshall’s (was only $25!) a couple of years ago, but never really used it much. I recently used it to style my hair for holiday festivities and have been using it if I want to create waves ever since.

For me, this wand creates big loose waves that last until I wash my hair. This wand does get very hot and is best used with some type of mat under to avoid burning surfaces. I’m not sure how well this wand protects your hair, but it does this job! I could not find this exact wand online, so I will link to something similar here (be sure to check your local Marshall’s!) I recently purchased this luxury curling wand as I have heard it protects the hair and creates long lasting curls- will keep yall updated!


Newsboy Cap– For those of you who don’t know, I love hats. To be honest, I love anything that can hide a bad hair day! I was skeptical about how this style of hat would look on me, so I was happy to see this affordable version at Express. I ended up loving this style of hat. Especially on straight hair!

White Jeans– The usual blue jeans and sweater combo can get kind of boring during the winter months. Seeing that it is now February and spring is fast approaching, I want to incorporate lighter spring colors into my wardrobe. I have been loving wearing white jeans with over-the-knee boots and light sweaters.


Green Tea- I used to be obsessed with green tea a couple of years ago when I heard it could help speed up metabolism. This year I wanted to try something different, and have been opting for green tea in the morning instead of my usual coffee. I have been buying this one from Lipton and using a little bit of honey to sweeten it. SOO good!

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