Let it Snow

Last week, I witnessed a miracle. I’m not sure what requirements must be met to make something a miracle, but snow in Houston, Texas has to qualify! I knew that snow was predicted, but usually that just means we will get icy rain. Let me just clarify that snow is EXTREMELY rare in Houston. It has snowed twice in Houston since I’ve been alive. Before going to bed on Thursday night, it began to snow but it would melt as soon as it hit the ground. Not expecting the snow to stick, I went to bed. I was ecstatic the next morning when I looked out the window to see a winter wonderland!

Coat: J.Crew Top: J. Crew Factory Beanie: J.Crew Factory Boots: UGGS

I had no choice but to get dressed and take some pictures in the snow! The gorgeous blanket of white looked so beautiful over my backyard. It really felt like a Christmas miracle! I was also happy to finally wear my favorite turquoise coat from J.crew and my warm and comfy Uggs.

I hope you all have an awesome Tuesday!



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