5 Tips for Positive Thinking

Being a positive person has not always been easy for me. Throughout my teenage years, insecurity and negative thoughts consumed me. I was only able to see the bad side of a situation. Even if things were going well, it was impossible for me to think nothing was wrong. After graduating college and starting my first full-time job, my mindset has completely changed. I realized I would never move forward if I continued to let my fear of failure and overall negativity affect my decisions. Positive thinking has made a huge difference in my life, in both work and personal relationships. I am still learning to keep negative thoughts at bay and am by no means an expert in the art of positive thinking. That being said, I thought I would share my top 5 tips for staying positive!

  1. Focus on the big picture. If you are feeling discouraged or are tempted to take the easy way out, think about your goal and the steps you must take to achieve it. Want to quit studying for a test because you feel you will fail anyway? Think about how happy you will be when you pass the class and are one step closer to graduating. Join a study group or find a tutor if you are struggling to study on your own. Your goal is in reach!
  2. Surround yourself with supportive and positive people. I know, I know. Everyone talks about this tip. However, it really is true! If you have constant support from the people in your life, the happier you will feel. Hanging around positive people will motivate you to do the same! If you are around negative people, you might be swept up in a negative thinking pattern.
  3. Fake it ’til you make it. Yet another well-known tip. If you are starting to doubt yourself or are feeling discouraged, PRETEND, PRETEND, PRETEND!! Putting a smile on your face and telling yourself you can do it really can make all of the difference. If you start pretending to be positive, you might start to believe it.
  4. Remind yourself that whatever you are going through, it is temporary. You may be in a bad place right now, but you WILL get out of it. This too shall pass. The faster you can get out of your head and stop telling yourself you are worthless, the easier it will become to take the necessary steps to change  your current situation.
  5. Take time for yourself. I cannot stress enough how important this is! Try to set aside at least 30 minutes to do something for YOU. Maybe read a book or get your nails done. I find that if I take some time to refresh, I am less likely to fall into a negative thinking pattern when things get stressful.

I know this is a different topic than what I usually include on my blog. The subject of positive thinking has been on my mind lately, and I thought it would be a perfect topic to include in a Fun Friday post (first post in this series here) . Let me know what you guys thought!

What tips do you have for positive thinking?

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17 thoughts on “5 Tips for Positive Thinking

  1. Great post, I think I usually try and put everything into perspective of what other people may be dealing with; which is harder said than done when you’re having a hard time but it’s still worth the effort πŸ™‚

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    1. Its so difficult to maintain optimism throughout the highs and lows of life..and you have given some great tips on how to do that! I am definitely gonna keep those points in mind!😊😊

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  2. I like the fake it point. I feel like you have to act like you’re happy for awhile, at least around others, in order to feel more happy. I can’t remember the psychology behind it all but it truly does help!

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  3. It is so hard to be positive sometimes when life is not going your way. This year has been one struggle after another for me. I use your number four tip often when I am feeling this way. Reminding ourselves that situations are only temporary and we won’t always feel this way is definitely helpful. Great post.

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  4. I think tip two is the hardest to do, Surround yourself with supportive and positive people. Not many of those around unfortunately. The sad thing in life is, if you want to walk the path of truth or success you need to prepared to be alone, not all the time but definely part of the journey.

    This is not something people talk about often but is vital to know. This is the main reason people dont succeed in life, they feel uncomfortable alone with their own thoughts.

    Positive thinking is natural if we would only surrender to the essence of who we are. That child like spirit that lies within, who does not fear, doubt or worry, who an endless amount of energy, that flows from their passion and lust for learning about life.

    Thanks for post. When i write i learn about myself. πŸ™‚

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