Dressing Room Diaries

Does anyone else take pictures of outfits you try on in the dressing room? I know I do! For some reason I feel that a picture (rather than the mirror) is a better way of determining whether something looks good on me. I was about to delete some of these photos when I thought how fun it would be to share them on the blog! It’s kind of like taking you guys on a shopping trip with me. Today I will be sharing some items that I decided not to purchase.

First up is this yellow off-the-shoulder top I spotted at H&M. I thought the bright yellow color and off-shoulder style was perfect for summer. However when I tried this on, the elastic at the top was a bit tight and it kept sliding up instead of sitting on my shoulders. The top was a pass for me.


I did purchase the jeans in this photo!

I was on the hunt for a striped button down when I spotted this one at Marshall’s. The shirt looked really cute on but the material was a bit too thin for my liking.


Next up is this gingham romper from American Eagle. I don’t personally own anything in this print, but I have been loving seeing this trend! This romper is so adorable! I passed on this because it was a tad short and I didn’t feel comfortable with the lower cut neckline. Looking at it again, maybe I should have bought it! It is now on sale for $18 if anyone is interested in purchasing!


I tried on this top at Zara. I was trying to find something in a gingham print and loved the cut of this top. I wasn’t sure about the ruffles when I tried this on and didn’t feel the quality was worth the price.


This yellow dress. I LOVE it. I was immediately drawn to it when I saw it in Zara. The color and neckline are so beautiful (reminds me of Belle from Beauty & the Beast). The dress was also great quality and was lined. I have no occasion to wear this to and felt it was a bit overpriced. This dress still hasn’t left my mind. I may have to make a trip back to Zara and pick it up!


Next up is another yellow item. I tried on these wide leg pants from Forever21. I believe they are meant to be a culottes but they were way too long on me (I am 5’3). If they were the right length and a little less wide I probably would have purchased.


Another gingham item?! Sorry I really want something in this print you guys! I spotted this midi dress in H&M and had to try it on. Though this dress looked adorable on, I think I needed a bigger size because it was way too tight in the leg/hip area. The fabric was also not the best quality. If this item goes on sale and I can find a bigger size I will definitely purchase.

FullSizeRender (52)

I’m thinking about turning these types of posts into a series. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. Were there any items you think I should have purchased? Should I go back and grab the Belle dress?

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Blog sign off

P.S. I tried to link similar items if I could not find the exact items online

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17 thoughts on “Dressing Room Diaries

  1. This looks to be a fun series Natalie! I sometimes take photos in the dressing room, but only if I’m really unsure about it and I like to send the photo to friends to see what they think. Otherwise I just make snap decisions. It’s up to you for the dress, buuut if you really don’t think you’re gonna wear it much, and it’s a bit overpriced, I would say leave it. That’s my inner frugal self talking πŸ™‚

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  2. This will totally make a good series! And I LOVE that gingham romper! That dress is so pretty and feminine, but I’d say only buy it if you have potential places to wear it to. I’ve accumulated some items that are just sitting in my closet since I don’t have a place to wear them to. No bueno! :/

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    1. Thank you so much for the feedback! After I posted this I started to feel like it was a silly idea. I think I’m gonna pass on the dress. You bring up a good point. I don’t want to have yet another item just sitting in my closet!


  3. Oh yesss, I am 100000% guilty of doing dressing room photo shoots!!! I was about to go through and list like my absolute favorites but then I’m scrolling through and I’m like wow, I can’t even choose which are ‘absolute faves because’ I love them all equally. I swear I would probably (if I haven’t already) try on or buy things VERY similar to what you’ve picked out too. Same taste girlfrand!!!

    xo, JJ

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