WetnWild Liquid Lipstick Review

Hey guys! Today I wanted to post my first ever product review. I will be reviewing the WetnWild Megalast Catsuit Matte Lipsticks ($4.99). Although these liquid lipsticks have been out for awhile, I am still loving them! Finding a good matte liquid lipstick from the drugstore can be a struggle. My ideal liquid lipstick is matte, long-wearing, and transfer proof. I have yet to find the perfect liquid lipstick (drugstore or high end!), but these from WetnWild come pretty close!

The WetnWild website claims that these lipsticks have vivid color, an ultra – matte finish, and wear comfortably. I have the shades Give Me Mocha and How Fleek Is Your Love (possibly a limited edition shade as it is not listed on the website). Both of the shades are highly opaque and not streaky. I haven’t swatched any other shades, but based on the shades I own I would assume the other shades are also highly pigmented. I have found that these lipsticks take a good few minutes to dry, but once they do they are completely matte! Absolutely no shine. I do agree that they wear comfortably and are lightweight on the lips. I sometimes forget I have lipstick on when wearing these. After having tested these lipsticks for a few months, I agree with all of the claims WetnWild makes on these lipsticks!! However, I do want to note a few more things about these lipsticks. I would say they are long wearing and last about 8 hours on me. They fade slightly after a few hours but leave behind a stain on the lips. They don’t last through a greasy meal though, I was left with a rim of color around the edge of my lips and some spots on my chin after eating Chinese food. Haha! If I am eating a small meal with mostly dry food they seem to last. These liquid lipsticks are not completely transfer proof. They do leave lipstick marks on a glass. I also want to note that the formula slightly settles into the lines of my lips. Its not a big deal, the finish is smooth overall. It also might just be my lips lol.

Overall, I love these lippies! They are an awesome buy for the price. I also think they have a good shade range with a variety of nudes and bold colors. Next time you’re in the drugstore, grab a few if you have been curious. You wont be disappointed! I will be adding a few pictures of swatches of these two shades at the end of the post.

Thanks for reading! I hope this was helpful!

-XO Nat

Left Swatch: How Fleek is Your Love  Right Swatch: Give Me Mocha

Swatches are after the liquid lipsticks have dried (left image with flash)

Give Me Mocha- Left image with flash

How Fleek is Your Love- Left image with Flash

Selfies of me wearing both shades (no flash or filter)


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