Why Style in the Afternoon?

Happy Tuesday! I hope you all are having an awesome day. Today I wanted to share the meaning behind the title of my blog.

Last year when I was trying to choose a name for my blog, I was completely stumped. I couldn’t decide if the blog should be self-titled or incorporate some type of catchy phrase with fashion or beauty in the title to reflect the content I would be posting. I felt like going the self-titled route would be boring, yet the catchy titles I was coming up with seemed too cheesy.  I started thinking about my fashion and beauty icons and Audrey Hepburn immediately came to mind. I have been a fan of Audrey since I was a little girl. I would act out the characters she played and dress up in similar outfits. I continued to take inspiration from her simple and elegant style and graceful demeanor as a young adult. I started thinking of my favorite Audrey movies (Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady, Charade, Roman Holiday) but I couldn’t think of anything original to go with those titles. Then I decided to review my collection of Hepburn movies and I saw it. A VHS titled Love in the Afternoon. How could I forget! The movie was not as well known as the other titles I mentioned, but it was still one of my favorites. Thus, the inspiration hit and Style in the Afternoon was born!

I hope you enjoyed this look into my “creative” thinking process haha. Thanks for reading!

-XO Nat

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