I’m Back: Life Update

Time Flies. I’ve heard this phrase throughout my life but never understood it until after my college graduation. The minute I walked across that stage, time grew wings and began flying faster than I could handle. It has almost been one year since my graduation. ONE YEAR. One year since the big day and I still feel like the same college student. Although I can still feel the college girl inside me, I am different. As I reflect  on this past year, so much has happened. So much has changed. I have changed. I knew post-grad life would be difficult, but I was not prepared for the road of self-doubt, fear, and self discovery it would lead me on.

Let me address the obvious, I stopped blogging. Well, I never really started. I felt that without the pressure of school it would be the perfect time to start blogging. Boy, was I wrong. The week after my graduation, I started training for my first “real” job. Working full time and adjusting to a new job and schedule proved to be more difficult than I anticipated. I quickly became consumed by work and building a social life with my coworkers. I would come home exhausted and between running errands, meal prepping, and balancing a social life, I put the blog on the back burner. I know you can make time for anything, but I felt I did not have the time or motivation to create the content I wanted to post. Thus, I never returned to blogging. After working for a few months, I became extremely stressed and found myself constantly wondering if my job was a step toward reaching my long term goals. On top of the stress I felt at work, I was making an hour long commute to work everyday. After six months, I reached my breaking point. I made the decision to move back home to Houston. I needed time to figure out what I really wanted in life and what career I wanted to pursue. So here I am, one year later, and I find myself lost once again.

After finishing school, I realized I missed writing. Since I am currently figuring out my next step, I figured I might try to really give blogging a chance. I plan on posting beauty product reviews, fashion trends, outfit inspiration, and updates on my career exploration.  Although I feel lost, I am confident I will find my way with a little faith and hard work!

Thank you so much for reading. Get ready to add some style to your afternoon!:)

Here is a glance of my life over the past year

image2 (2)
Group pics from my graduation
image3 (1)

Mommy and me at my grad party<3
A moment with my cousin from my Aunt and Uncle’s 50th wedding anniversary celebration!
Christmas card pic with the Trevino Cousins
image1 (1)
Girls Night Out in Houston:)
image2 (1)
Celebrating my cousin’s 21st Birthday in San Marcos!




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